The Heart is an Eye - Photography Workshop

The Heart is an Eye is a 4-session online workshop where I break down everything I've learned from 4 years of photography & art-making, unmasking the nuances in my technique, process & philosophy. This workshop is not intended to just offer you the technical know-how to execute a certain style of photography, but to give you more of a holistic idea on nurturing your deep & expansive creative spirit, finding your elusive creative voice, and the work & routines which go into fostering an artistic life -- including the different ways to make a living as a photographer. This also involves an editing workflow session - where I deep-dive into my approach to atmospheric post-processing & crafting double exposures.

There will be one group session and three 1:1 sessions - the focus is on the 1:1 sessions to offer a more personalised approach that relates to your particular way of seeing the world, and to make space to navigate the questions you are currently uncovering in your own personal creative journey. 

Batches open up periodically through the year, and there are limited spots available.

For more information on the coursework & to join the waitlist for upcoming batches - please email