The Heart is an Eye - Editing workflow session

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The standalone editing workflow session is for those curious as to how I craft the atmosphere, color & texture in my work. In this session, we will deep-dive into my approach to post-processing - and learn about its potential to transform photographs into relics of emotion, bringing to life a world that others can inhabit and sink their teeth into. 

The session will cover the following:

- taking RAW images from the camera & transforming them into surreal & atmospheric photographs using lightroom

- deep dive into my approach to crafting color, texture & light through lightroom tools (especially the masking tool which is simultaneously incredible & for some reason unanimously ignored)

- making double exposures + insights into the technique from 4 years of making them

- giving the scoop on different post techniques I've used in my own work to get to specific emotional textures

- dissecting the visual language of some of my favorite photographers, & the post-processing techniques they use to make things in the way they do